Secure Your Data & Communications Over the Internet

Encrypt Emails, VOIP, IM, Online Browsing & Data

  • OC Shield DataGard

    The only complete Mobile Internet Security solution available to users of Smart Phones and Tablet PCs. OC Shield DataGard Encrypts your mobile Emails, VOIP, IM, browsing and all online data transmissions from and to your Mobile Device. OC Shield prevents the interception of mobile data in transit, internet communications, credit card and banking details and stops Identity theft.

    DataGard saves the user 25% data limit at the same time securing all online communications with antivirus and antiphishing protection. Browsing, streaming and downloads are also 50% faster. The DataGard display allows the user to monitor 3G usage so you know how much of you plan’s data usage you have left. Now that you can use WiFi safely with DataGard, you can increase your WiFi usage and reduce your 3G plan.

  • Enable OC Shield DataGard to secure your data & communications against:

    1. Money and credit card theft
    2. Banking data theft
    3. Mobile email interception
    4. Internet communications interception (IM & Chats)
    5. Online mobile data theft
    6. ID Fraud
    7. Hacking
    8. Snooping


The Only Effective Solution for Mobile Security

  • Smartphone boom provides new hunting ground for cybercriminals and identity fraudsters

    The use of smartphones is growing. There are 80+ million smartphones in circulation today in the U.S. and 150+ million in Europe and this number is expected to double by 2015. Smartphone users are increasingly using mobile applications that allow them to do online banking, shopping and social networking on the go: The average user spends 81 minutes a day using mobile apps, more time than is spent browsing the web on a PC.

    1. Over 1 in 4 (25%) smartphone users manage their finances, including banking and paying bills via their smartphones.
    2. 1 in 5 (20%) use their mobiles to make purchases with Credit Cards online, while 44 % of shoppers say they would use the mobile Web to make purchases if the payment services and mobile sites were more secure.
    3. Purchases made on Mobiles are growing faster than online purchases – at around 10 % a year. By 2016, mobile purchases in the U.S. alone are expected to reach $31 billion.
    4. 1 in 5 (20%) synchronize their handsets to a personal computer.

    Combined with all the other information we store on smart phones – home telephone numbers, family names and personal emails, files and other personal data – smartphone users are particularly vulnerable to cybercrime and identity fraud.

    Don’t be a Cybercrime victim. No encryption means no mobile Internet security!

    Data Source: Forrester Research, Flurry Mobile Analytics

  • Hacking Phones is easier than Hacking Computers

    At the heart of the problem is the breathtaking convenience and efficiency provided by mobile phones that have become “Smart” because they also function as computers, GPS devices, payment systems, web browsers, and so much more. Unfortunately blinded by the thrill and functionality of the latest app, smartphone users rarely take the time to vet the software that can be installed in seconds, from anywhere.

    1. In 2010, the number of users hacked through apps on their Smartphone rose drastically. Hackers aren’t just gaining access to usernames and passwords on your apps; they’re obtaining credentials to crack bank accounts, investments and credit cards.
    2. Next generation of iPads, iPhones and iPod Touchs will have Near-Field Communication capabilities by which the device can beam and receive credit card and payment information from within 4 inches. Unless securely encrypted, this data will be easily intercepted or hacked.
    3. The Android Operating System is open source – meaning that anyone can create applications without Google’s approval. This leniency can be exploited by hackers, advertisers and malicious apps.

    Don’t be a Cybercrime victim. No encryption means no mobile Internet security!

    Security Solutions Comparison

    Mobile AV vs. OCS DataGard



Mobile AV vs. OCS DataGard

OCS DataGard
Anti Virus / Internet Security:
Anti Virus
Anti Phishing
Online security:
Internet Data Encryption
Full Cisco Firewall protection
Stops Man in the middle attacks
DDOS attack protection
Blocking of dangerous network connections
Encrypts your IM, Browsing, VOIP, Email, any content
Protects online banking, shopping, credit cards & other financial data
Protection against logging, caching, hacking
Protection against malicious apps sending out data
Privacy Protection:
Protection against logging and caching
Other features:
Data Compression and Data Savings
Data Use Monitor/Display
Speed up Browsing and Download speed
Allow user to change country network
Mobile Phone finder
Platforms supported:
Technical requirements:
No large software install required
No large memory space required on the phone
No continuous updates needed to make security watertight
Does not slow down phone speed because of updating

Mobile App that Saves Money and Secures at the Same Time!

Enable OC Shield on Any Smart Phone or Tablet PC

  • Is Your Device Compatible?

    Phone Requirements: iPhone, iPad 3 and above, iOS 4.2 and above. Android phones and tablets 2.2.x, 2.3.x, 4.x Mobile plan with Internet enabled. To check whether your smartphone is compatible, go to your phone’s Settings > About phone > Version.

    Setting Up OCS DataGard is Simple!

    Go to the Apple AppStore or Android Market / Google PlayStore and install OCS DataGard for free on your Android Smartphone or Tablet PC.

    Follow the easy steps to install OCS DataGard. Activate it with your OCS DataGard Account Number (if you bought OCS DataGard in a store or received it in a promotion, scratch off the top of the card). It’s that easy!

    Up And Running in Minutes!

    • 1
    • Retrieve your DataGard Account Number by scratching off the back of the card you recieved in a store or promotion.

    • 2
    • Install DataGard and activate your Account Number.

    • 3
    • Once connected to DataGard, your phone’s data will be entirely secure and you will be saving money at the same time.

    • ↶ See How it Works…

      See how OC Shield protects your data over mobile Internet

    Bandwidth Upgrades Available

    Although the internet data transfer allowance included with most mobile subscriptions does not exceed 1GB per month, the OC Shield DataGard pack allows you to encrypt up to 10GB of mobile internet per month. Whether you are using 3G or Edge, home or corporate wireless internet connection or even connect your Mobile Device to an unsecured public HotSpot/WiFi, all your internet activities are secured with the industry-leading encryption.

    * Bandwidth upgrades are available at our online store.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is OC Shield DataGard?

    OC Shield DataGard is an all-in-one Mobile Internet Security solution for Mobile Devices such as Smart Phones and Tablet PCs. It allows users to encrypt all the data sent and received over mobile internet connection (Edge, 3G, 4G, home or corporate WiFi, unsecured public HotSpot) and protect it against interception, intrusions and any forms of cybercrime.

  • Does DataGard work on my Mobile device?

    OC Shield DataGard works on iPhone, iPad 3 and above, iOS 4.2 and above. Android phones and tablets 2.2.x, 2.3.x, 4.x Mobile plan with Internet enabled. To check whether your smartphone is compatible, go to your phone’s Settings > About phone > Version.

  • Is all the data transmitted by my Mobile Device securely encrypted?

    Yes, with OC Shield DataGard all your mobile internet traffic and activities are protected by military-grade encryption: Browsing, online shopping and banking, data transmitted by apps, IM, VIOP, email, downloading, uploading, sharing and every other way of data transfer over mobile internet.

  • Does OC Shield DataGard encrypt my phonecalls and SMS?

    Calling and SMS messaging is a service provided by the carriers and are not encrypted by OC Shield DataGard Solution. Our users find that using VoIP and IM while protected by OC Shield DataGard solution is a great alternative to unsecured calling and messaging.

  • Does OC Shield DataGard encrypt the data on my Smart Phone’s Memory Card?

    OC Shield DataGard doesn’t encrypt the content stored on your Smart Phone’s internal hardware. Instead, OC Shield DataGard encrypts all your data in transit and completely protects your Smart Phone against unauthorized access by intruders through mobile internet. Even on an unsecured public WiFi connection!

  • The internet data transfer allowance included with my mobile subscription is only 1Gb per month. Does OC Shield DataGard consume any data transfer?

    No. On the contrary, when protected by OC Shield DataGard you internet data is not only encrypted but also compressed before transfer. Which means that the 1Gb of internet data transfer allowance included with your mobile subscription will last 25% longer!

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