• The Problem

    1. People rely on digital images to make personal and key business decisions
    1. An estimated 500 million photos are shared every day
    1. Spotting a fake image is time-consuming and ultimately just guesswork
    1. Fakes include changes in date/time information and to the image itself
    1. A fake can be easily made with free software, not just Photoshop

  • The Solution

    1. Automatically verify images as trusted or fake by a credible independent party
    1. We use a patented high-tech method that is essentially full-proof
    1. Verifies images from cameras, smartphones and scanners
    1. Can be shared with third parties as a simple secure link (upload once and share many)
    1. Verify PDF files

How It Works

User can make basic image enhancements after upload and verification


    • Car Sales

    Don’t waste time with scam offers – Verify images as 100% unaltered
    Includes date and per-pixel verification
    Upload and share your car album via a secure link
    Verified photos generate more inquiries helping you sell quicker

    • Insurance

    Streamline by automatically flagging potential fraudulent claims
    Extremely low false positive rate
    Automatically identify verified fakes by batch or in real time
    Integrates seamlessly with any claims management system

    • Dating

    Generate more inquiries by verifying your profile images
    Prove that the photos are yours, recent and unaltered
    Upload once and share as many times as you like via a secure link
    Avoid a surprise by asking potential dates to verify their photos

    • Human Resources

    Automatically vet an applicants visa- and certification- related images
    Retain a record of verified images digitally
    Saves time and reduces applicant fraud
    256bit military-grade encryption keeps your images private and secure

We welcome all partnership enquiries

With VerifyFake clients can:

    • Verify photos taken from any imaging device including cameras, smartphones, scanners through web-browsers, email, desktop programs.

      Securely send photos for verification from anywhere in the world via our 256bit military-grade encryption.

    • Get image results back within seconds of sending with our fully cloud-based solution (no additional hardware required).

      Integrate VerifyFake into any enterprise systems to streamline the verification process.