OC Shield Solves Online Security Issues

Protect Your Data and Identity From 3 Major Vulnerabilities

    • OCS Protect

    • 3G Protection

    When your smartphone sends/receives mobile data, it’s usually over an unsafe and unsecure 3G network. Your information can be compromised the moment you begin to use the internet on your smartphone.
    With OC Shield, you’ll be able to use the internet safely since OC Shield can protect you 100% from hackers and attacks over a 3G network.

    • OCS Protect

    • WiFi Protection

    Most users switch their smartphones to WiFi so they are faster and more convenient both at home and outside. However, once your WiFi is out of range, your smartphone will attempt to try to connect to an unsecure WiFi connection. Open WiFi networks are unsecure and easily hacked. OC Shield encrypts your mobile Internet and protects you from users in unsecure networks.

    • OCS Protect

    • Malware Protection

    Smartphones are vulnerable to malicious software and mobile viruses.
    OC Shield provides you with antivirus, antimalware, anti-phishing and anti-spam protection of its entire network and that protection is passed on to the smartphone user. OC Shield is the only product on the market which solves all 3 major smartphone security vulnerabilities.

Mobile App that Saves Money and Secures at the Same Time!

Enable OC Shield on Any Smart Phone or Tablet PC

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    OC Shield For Mobile Devices

    • More Protection

      Encrypts all your mobile data online and stops viruses, malware and phishing attacks

    • Save Bandwidth

      Increases your bandwidth allocation by up to 25% saving you money

    • Faster Browsing

      Increases speed of your mobile browsing, streaming & downloading by up to 50%

    • Increase Performance

      Small App, requiring no updating and no background processes that slow down your mobile device


    • For your mobile device

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    OC Shield For PC & Mac

    • Secured Online Data

      Protects against online data, ID and credit card theft. Send information securely across the internet

    • Mask Personal Information

      Mask your digital ID and encrypt all data, emails, info, VOIP you send over the Internet from hackers

    • Safe WiFi Usage

      Secure any WiFi HotSpot against unauthorized access to your data

    • Impenetrable AntiVirus

      Adds a second layer of AntiVirus that stops malicious software and hackers from ever reaching your computer and data

Become A Partner

Why Become an OC Shield Distributor?

  • As an OC Shield Distributor, you’ll have the opportunity to sell a unique retail product that stands at the forefront of encrypted internet security. You’ll also have the opportunity to participate in renewal income for years through our renewal commission sharing program.

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  • The Benefits of Becoming a Partner

    • Become a distributor of a unique product take part in the fast growth of encrypted internet security

    • Participate financially in post-sale online renewals of your customers for years

    • See your distribution channel in real time at the OCS website and watch your renewal income grow

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  • Do You Believe Security Sells? How About Mobile Security?

    OC Shield DataGard is an all-in-one mobile internet security solution for smartphones, tablet and other mobile devices.