LiquidStream System sold to ISPs Internationally

  1. Smart TV Media Box – Plug & Play – WiFi & Ethernet
  1. Customized firmware and UI including touch-enabled iOS and Android apps for smartphones & tablets
  1. OC Shield international bandwidth to data cache to reduce latency
  1. Point to Point connection to reduce buffering
  1. Simple to setup portable media box
  1. Content plans & VOD

ISP Partner Opportunity

    • Plummeting prices of bandwidth has led to fierce competition for new customers so current growth opportunities are limited

    • ISPs benefit from customers that pay higher subscription fees for more bandwidth or participate in a revenue share

    • Go to market strategy driven by ISPs, managed by LiquidStream

Content Provider Opportunity

  1. Strategic partnership between LiquidStream TV and ISP partners in various markets will drive subscriber acquisition and viewership, driving down marketing costs for content partners in new overseas markets
  1. Vast, untapped market via IPTV to ISP subscribers
  1. Opportunity to bring ISPs onside in fight against abuse

The Media Box

Physical Specs

    1. Dual Core, 1GB RAM, 4GB ROM
    1. Customized firmware and UI including touch-enabled iOS and Android apps for smartphones & tablets
    1. Wi-Fi & Ethernet
    1. Wireless and Ethernet connectivity
    1. Auto-resolves resolution to +1080p
    1. Supports Android and Windows network applications, such as movie-play applications, game applications, VOIP and video meetings
    1. Peripherals: Remote control, HDMI cable, USB Ports, Micro Port, Headphone and Microphone jacks, Power DC, Supports all Video Formats
      Approx size: 15cm x 15cm x 2cm

  • LS TV Box

Software Interface

  1. Welcome screen
  1. Connect to the Internet
  1. License authentication
  1. Content plans
  1. Billing back-end
  1. Geo location blocking
  1. Physical remote as well as iOS and Android app remotes
  1. Automatic updates of software and content
  1. Connect to friends
  1. Connect to other content channels for which authentication is required

The Markets

Initially International Markets in which English is the Official Language

  1. Population: 183 Million
  1. Number of ISPs: 467
  1. Number of ISPs currently selling content: 63
  1. Number of ISP subscribers without content: 82.5 Million
  1. Room for growth with only 13% residential ISPs offering Content versus 55 country average of 33%

LiquidStream’s added Value

  1. We have over 1800 ISP contacts in worldwide key markets
  1. UK, Europe, Eastern Europe, Latin America, Australasia, Middle East
  1. 485 Million people of which 340 Million are without content
  1. As a Tier 3 provider of IP Transit from local ISPs to global exit servers, we market our Transit services to ISPs so that their subscribers have a faster Internet experience
  1. By providing IP Transit, the media box, proprietary firmware, smartphone/tablet apps and content, we provide ISPs with a complete content system solution


    1. A point to point data link solution that reduces bandwidth overheads
    1. This results in speeds that are equivalent to the full bandwidth or higher
    1. Provides Regional Restrictions for Content Providers. Subscribers coming from areas outside of agreed regions are blocked.
    1. Simple and Easy to Use: Download, Choose Channel, Click Stream to Watch TV Shows & Films

  • LS Network

Reduction of Buffering

Improves Latencies Across Poor Connections

  • LS Less Buffering

    • Download Speed of 2901 kbps

    • Streaming Speed of 4550 kbps

    • For limited Internet connections, LiquidStream is 20-30% faster than downloading

    • Allowing Radio and IPTV

How Can ISPs Benefit

    1. IPTV is the fastest growing segment on the Internet – 25% per year
    1. The number of IPTV subscribers will exceed 116 million by next year
    1. New interactive applications allow users to view IPTV from anywhere
    1. The opportunity is new revenue streams beyond data and voice services
    1. IPTV has not reached saturation so there are more growth opportunities
    1. ISPs are in a good position to profit from this growth

  • LS Benefit

ISPs Participate in Growth

  1. The rapid rate of adoption of IPTV has not benefited ISPs because the new generation of media boxes have not been available to ISPs for resale
  1. The dominance of cable and satellite operators is coming to an end as bandwidth costs and media box costs have plummeted – to the point that IPTV offerings are cheaper and more diverse than the cable and satellite products – in some cases 3 to 1
  1. Benefit from Subscribers purchasing higher bandwidth plans or participate in revenue sharing with LiquidStream
  1. ISPs can expect to upsell a minimum of 17% of their subscribers to LiquidStreamTV


  1. LiquidStream is uniquely positioned to provide local ISPs worldwide with international transport bandwidth so that the user is virtually next to the data cache
  1. Provides a DNS network
  1. Provides geo location blocking by IPs as well as by other proprietary means
  1. Provides international authentication of licenses on all platforms protecting against abuse
  1. Customized firmware and UI including touch-enabled iOS and Android apps for smartphones & tablets
  1. Provides a worldwide backend for authentication, licensing and payments
  1. Provides a near zero percent charge back payment system so that refunds and fraud are nearly nil