• OC Shield ISP Integrity is a platform for deploying network firewall and filter applications to stop fraud and abuse by personal Torrents and Anonymizers on ISP networks.

  • As court orders force ISPs and networks to detect and eradicate torrents by traffic shaping, throttling and blocking, OCS Data Integrity solutions provide easy to implement and effective solutions.

How to Stop Online Fraud and Abuse?

Anti-Fraud and Anti-Abuse Technologies


Torrents are signature based URLs. Although there are thousands of new signatures that pop up every few days, they can be traced using similar technology that is used to locate and stop viruses and malware from penetrating networks and computers.

OC Shield developed both antivirus and anti-phishing software to stop malware at the server network level for its own clients. OC Shield then adapted the same technology to stop Torrent use. On any large network, there is a constant percentage of Torrents users, in many cases as much as 30% of the network capacity which slows down the network as well.

OC Shield utilizes a Deep Packet Inspection technology to detect and then filter the use of torrents. For the Torrents user, it appears that the Torrents client is not working. The Anti-Torrents technology works in about 95% of the cases and updates itself automatically or manually.


Even more widely used than Torrents, are Anonymiziers. Anonymizing software is widely distributed by hundreds of Anonymizing service providers as client software each with thousands of IPs and hundreds of servers worldwide. The Anonymiziers change the client IP address as well as tunnels the data making it extremely hard to even determine that an Anonymizier is being used. This technology is a default setting on all operating systems so it’s easy to setup and use.

Many ISPs outside of the USA estimate that up to half of their users use an Anonymizier for illegal downloading.

By using OC Shield technology, an ISP can determine that the data of a specific subscriber is behind an Anonymizier. Using Deep Packet Inspection, OC Shield can determine that the subscriber is downloading files. These firewall and filter applications provide the ISP with tools to detect the use of Anonymizers and block them.

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