• OC Shield’s transport layer network of bandwidth spans the globe in 80 locations. Our global network provides a platform capable of extending your own network’s reach into distant markets. Many Internet Service Providers provide regional services but customers request low latency to reach distant countries for high speed streaming. OC Shield provides your company with the reliability and performance to keep your subscribers connected with minimum latency.

  • Generally OC Shield IP Transit can provide a Peer that substantially reduces crossing networks so that users are provided with exit servers close to the data cache and without unnecessary round trip hops.

    OC Shield has followed a selective peering strategy. This strategy provides our customers with a more direct route to their destinations, thereby improving their experience on the Internet.

Public and Private Peering

Private and Public Peering includes the following facilities and exchange points in various locations worldwide:

  • Telehouse
    Equinix (Worldwide)
    Global Switch
    LIM Warsaw
    Sitel Prague
    FiberNet Telecom
    The Hub
    PLX DC1
    Schipol Rijk

  • AMS-IX
    LINX Extreme
    CoreSite (Confluent)
    Zayo Networks
    Telx New York
    LINX Juniper
    InterXion London
    IX Manchester
    DIX-CIX Frankfurt
    ECIX Duesseldorf

For more specific information about our Peering relationships at speeds ranging from Gigabit to 10 Gigabit, please contact us at support@ocshield.com


Our IP Transit solutions provide the reliability, scalability and quality your business demands and can handle robust performance. The network is designed for applications requiring high levels of performance with the best service metrics available.

As the Internet is expanding rapidly content and data caches our now outside of the traditional Tier 1 networks that made up the core of the Internet. To reduce latency and hops and to effectively speed up data to the destination OC Shield IP Transit has extensive peering relationships with non-Tier 1 providers and access providers to ensure there are no bottlenecks in the global network.

OC Shield provides more direct routing so that streaming traffic and applications utilize the lowest latency routing yet with high integrity. Our proprietary technology as well as the selection of the best commercially available routes from many sources can lower the round trip latency substantially for distant users. This then allows faster interactive performance and higher quality video and music output.


OC Shield provides various flexible rates including fixed rates, tiered, burstable and bandwidth barter. OC Shield IP Transit offers the best value in the market powered by a large network offering high quality, scalable and affordable bandwidth.

Server Monitoring

OC Shield proprietary monitoring software provides real time data on all its network servers in 80 locations worldwide. Therefore clients are able to request and obtain up-to-date login and traffic data on individual physical hardware at any time.

Other Benefits

OC Shield can also provide proprietary software for networked devices including mobile devices, PC’s, Macs, and cloud based services which may add value to your current client proposition. These solutions include: Enterprise Security solutions, Cloud security solutions, ISP Security, Authentication and Verification solutions, Internet Optimization solutions and consumer PC, Android and iOS security devices as well as IPTV devices all networked on the OC Shield platform.

Why Choose OC Shield IP Transit?

  1. Managed End to End Solutions
  2. Large range of added value propositions including software and devices
  3. Most flexible Pricing in the industry
  4. World Class Network
  5. Peering that allows less latency and more direct access to distant data bases
  6. Real time monitoring and reporting