Why Does My Company Need OC Shield Enterprise Security?

Every company must evaluate the confidentiality of their data and what is the cost related to losing that data either to hackers or competitors. The higher the cost to data loss, the higher security required. A problem for many companies is that the concept of data loss is abstract until it happens and then the cost is high, with loss of business or customers. Considering the high risk environment that we read about daily online and in the press, cybercrime is growing 10 times faster than security in terms of dollar value stolen and has affected more than 50% of the businesses in Western countries. Yet companies are reluctant to spend on security solutions, often until it’s too late.

2/3 of all online adults have been victims of cybercrime

Anyone can hack your employees in just a few minutes. It’s as easy as 1-2-3:

    • 1
    • Install free simple program FireSheep

    • 2
    • Connect to any open Wi-Fi (radius 3 mi.)

    • 3
    • Click “Start Capturing” and hacker is instantly logged into the corporate network as one of your employees!

  • OCS FireSheep

The Corporate Problem

◉ 46% Online Adults Victims in past year
◉ 2/3 of adults access mobile internet – and all without security

  • OCS vs Cybercrime

  • Although traditional security software sales are growing rapidly, Corporate Cybercrime is growing faster – which means traditional internet security software alone does not protect corporate assets.

Source: trefis.com / Gartner Dataquest

Don’t Other Security Packages Protect BYOD?

To a small degree, yes – but they are not in any way comparable:

  • Other Security Packages
    Protects from phishing and WiFi attacks?
    Provides online encryption to protect data?
    Does not require extra processing?
    Does not slow down browser?
    Takes up minimal memory space?
    Uses little battery power?

Plus, with OCShield, you get a higher level of security!

The OC Shield Corporate Solution

OCS Enterprise Solution

What are the Benefits of the OCShield Solution?

    • Secure shield from the corporate network to employees outside of the corporate network on BYOD

    • Provides anti phishing and anti- virus protection at the same time

    • Access Control by Corporate Admin to users based on security rank

    • Access Control

    • Access Logging

    • Secure Exchange

    • Military Grade Encryption

Shared Resources

    • Access control set by administrator from WEB UI

    • Shared resources available in the company’s network

    • Information protected by firewall /routes rules

    • Access logging enabled

    • Company admin notified & logs unauthorized access attempts
  • OCS App

    Client Apps: PC/Mac, iOS, Android

Secure Dropbox Usage

For File-sharing Between Employees / Company

  • OCS Dropbox Security

    • Secured file exchange between users using Dropbox (Utilizes an OCS client App). Users can exchange URL’s for protected files.

    • Encrypting/decrypting of files “on the fly” at the server side

    • Deploy VPN Servers in the Cloud

Data Loss Protection

Other than external threats, another main worry for corporate management:

OCS DataLoss Solution

OC Shield Data Loss Protection system provides protection & logging access to confidential company information that prevents Data Loss because all the company’s file servers are protected by OCS DLP.

Partnering with OC Shield

Security Risks are never completely eliminated but with collaboration and customization, OC Shield and you can substantially mitigate risk by making it difficult for hackers to gain access to your client data. The higher the security the higher the cost for the hacker to break. As that cost to the hacker increases, the hacker will reconsider whether an OC Shield client is worth trying to hack when there are so many insecure and enticing environments that are far easier to attack. The convenience/cost ratio is taken into account by hackers before they consider attacking a secure environment. That ratio must also be taken into account by you and management to protect your valuable assets and resources.

What Do Independent Reviewers Say?

  • “Improves security by leaps and bounds”
    – .net issue 225
    “The software application has many features and is simple to set up and use. We tested this service for its encryption and found that their connections are in fact encrypted.”
    – BestVPNReviews.com
    “Highly stable, usable App, easy to setup, transparent in use and effective in results”
    – Acutest
    “No worry from virus, malware, phishing or other hacker attacks while on a shielded smartphone. You’re selling peace of mind instead of the false hope of complete security when you buy mobile anti-virus.”
    – MobileChannels.eu
    “Protects your phone in a unique way. Fiendishly simple, effective idea…enterprise level antivirus, anti-phishing and encryption…Throw in the data saving and monitoring and we are smitten. A great concept executed well.”
    – PCAdvisor.co.uk

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