• OC Shield provides secure environments in the virtual cloud. As more businesses and individuals move to the cloud, Cloud Security has become an important element in determining whether to maintain confidential resources physically on site or to move them off site to a third party.

  • Security, availability, integrity, control, access and compliance are all issues any enterprise or individual must consider before moving confidential resources to the cloud.

The Advantages of the Cloud

  1. Reduce physical hardware on site
  2. Reduce employees
  3. Reduce costs
  4. Reduce inefficiencies

Reduce inefficiencies by having no ramp up time to add resources to the cloud as well as eliminate hardware, software and management. This can lead to a substantial reduction in costs as long as company resources are not subject to data loss.

Public, Private or Hybrid Clouds?

A Public cloud is the most common as all physical, infrastructure and software resources are shared much the way a virtual private server can be shared. Clients are in effect sharing a pool of resources which can be very cost effective. Public clouds are accessed typically through shared internet connections and control is in the hands of one cloud provider. This can pose security challenges and is less than ideal for enterprise critical data resources. Public clouds should provide non open source proprietary security as well as non-shared connections to provide higher Public cloud security.

OC Shield provides Public cloud services with dedicated VPN connections, multi-login authentication and verification and a combination of public and private hardware to separate client’s resources for higher integrity in a Hybrid Cloud. A Hybrid Cloud approach can be also utilized to separate certain kinds of data resources. Less sensitive resources can be relegated to the Public Cloud while mission critical resources to the Private Cloud simultaneously.

A Private Cloud is yet more secure because all the physical resources utilized in the cloud environment are specifically dedicated to one client, ensuring that the client’s resources are never shared or compromised with other client’s data. With dedicated physical servers, IP addresses, admin servers as well as dedicated VPN connections, multi-login authentication and verification, clients utilizing OC Shield Private Cloud services obtain the highest level of security, even higher than if they were to maintain the physical resources on site. With servers and IPs that are not traceable in the Private cloud, hackers have both a difficult software and physical hardware challenge to breach the OC Shield Private Cloud.

Reduce your Risk

Every company and individual must evaluate the confidentiality of their data and what is the cost related to losing that data either to hackers or competitors. The higher the cost to data loss, the higher security required. A problem for many clients is that the concept of data loss is abstract until it happens and then the cost is high, with loss of business or customers. Considering the high risk environment that we read about daily online and in the press, cybercrime is growing 10 times faster than security in terms of dollar value stolen and has affected more than 50% of the businesses in Western countries. Yet companies are reluctant to spend on security solutions, often until it’s too late.

Partnering with OC Shield Cloud Security

Risk is never completely eliminated but with collaboration and customization, OC Shield and the client can substantially reduce the risk and make it difficult for hackers to gain access to client data. The higher the security the higher the cost for the hacker to break. As that cost to the hacker increases, the hacker will reconsider whether an OC Shield client is worth trying to hack when there are so many insecure and enticing environments that are far easier to attack. The convenience/cost ratio is taken into account by hackers before they consider attacking a secure environment. That ratio must also be taken into account by clients to protect their assets and resources.

Secure Physical Facilities

OC Shield server facilities are located in hardened secure environments and meet stringent security criteria. Unauthorized access to server facilities is not possible and servers are located in larger Data Centers with high levels of security and racks are located among thousands of other servers so physical targeting of OC Shield servers would be extremely difficult. OC Shield has never had a physical penetration of its server facilities.

Server Uptime

OC Shield network uptime is 99.999% and individual servers are rarely down for more than a couple of hours for maintenance. SLA provides for a guaranteed uptime.

Server Monitoring

OC Shield proprietary monitoring software provides real time data on all its network servers in 80 locations worldwide. Therefore clients are able to request and obtain up-to-date login and traffic data on individual physical hardware at any time.

Data Security in the Cloud

    • OC Shield provides guaranteed storage with backup and restore capabilities

    • OC Shield provides availability, reliability and redundancy

    • OC Shield encrypts data online and in storage to the highest military grade level utilizing various encryption protocols

    • Encryption extends from all devices including mobile, tablets, PCs, Macs, Desktop computers and servers to company resources and back to the Secure Cloud

Access Control

One of the weakest links in Data Loss Prevention is Access Control. Employees and management have access to resources and these users can make mistakes or act maliciously. How do you provide Access and yet maintain enough control to prevent the malicious removal of resources? Identity and Access Control Management are critical to the mitigation of risk of any security solution.

The OC Shield Solution provides policies for End Point and Access Control by specifying specific rules, choosing objects/resources for administrators to monitor, logging and determining who has access to resources.

Environment Changes

Once the OC Shield Cloud Security solution is operational, changes to the environment will be inevitable and OC Shield and the client should agree on who has responsibility to make the changes, what is the process for updates and how will these updates be released, managed and protected. Logging and documentation is an integral part of this process and OC Shield aids clients in setting up these procedures.

For both Enterprises and Individuals, OC Shield has Cloud Security solutions that meet the highest standards yet are easy to implement and maintain.

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