Content Delivery Network with better viewing and lower costs than any other CDN

  1. The only proven technology that delivers HD Quality, TV Scale & Economics from the cloud
  2. Enables broadcast quality content delivery over best efforts IP networks
  3. Instantaneous load times without buffering for live and VOD content
  4. Flat rate pricing on best efforts internet and mobile networks

We deliver superior Video Experiences which translates into:

  1. Highest quality video achievable across best effort broadband and mobile networks
  2. Sustained quality throughout the viewing experience, rather than continuously shifting bitrates
  3. Global reach, without the need for server infrastructure in country or near the consumer
  4. Scale to millions of viewers without compromising quality or overall viewing experience

These benefits directly translate to higher engagement and increased ad monetization for broadcasters and content providers.


Video Startup Time in Seconds – 1.09 Industry average – 3.31 Seconds per Minute*
Rebuffer Seconds Per Minute – .19 Industry average – 5.15 Seconds Per Minute*

*Average over 80,000 tested


How It Works


A live stream or VOD is pulled into the network system. The stream is broken up into many unique streamlets (not packets) as it is replicated across cloud servers. 20 unique streamlets may exist across the network but only 4 are required to recreate the original stream. Streamlets are prioritized based on quality. If one is behind a congested route, the system pulls in another stream source to take its place. A proprietary resiliency coding scheme reduces the overhead requirement for delivery to the client.

The technology works with any standard media formats including Flash, Windows and MPEG2_TS. A software app is added to the source encoder which processes the stream and sends it to the ingest servers in the cloud. The data is then replicated as streamlets and sent to the distribution/mirror servers in the cloud.

To unwrap the streamlets, a plug-in is downloaded on the client pc (MAC, Android, iOS, Linux) which requests access to the stream and is quickly fed a full stream from one of the servers in the cloud to achieve instant demand video. The client has multi path options to consume portions of the stream. As a result, any source, packet or data center can be knocked out and the consumer will not see a frame drop in the video.

The Benefits are:

  1. A constant bit rate TV-like experience.
  2. The technology automatically moves traffic off of congested links to less congested ones instead of just congesting one pipe like traditional CDNs.
  3. The technology is not subject to packet loss and latency, so that distance is no longer a factor.
  4. Since this technology breaks the relationship between distance and quality, it is not important on what cloud, or what region in the world these cloud resources reside.
  5. This is the most efficient transport protocol for the delivery of constant bit rate content across best effort internet networks.
  6. The technology uses standard media formats and standard media players.
  7. Our CDN flat rates are substantially lower than any other in the industry. Get a quote from any of the major CDNs and we will beat it!

Better Quality Streaming at Lower Prices!

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