• OC Shield is both a network provider and software developer for networked devices.

    Our global network in 80 locations provides a platform capable of extending your own network’s reach into distant markets as well as providing proprietary software for networked devices including mobile devices, PC’s, Macs, servers and cloud based services.

  • Our solutions include: Enterprise and Personal Security, IP Transit Services for ISPs, Cloud Security solutions, ISP Integrity applications, Authentication and Verification solutions, and Internet Optimization solutions. Utilizing Network as a platform, OC Shield develops and publishes security and IPTV solutions for Enterprises as well as Consumers for PC, Android, iOS and IPTV devices all networked via the OC Shield platform or in conjunction with OC Shield’s partners.

Our well-known brands include: OCShield Enterprise, MediShield, DataGard, LiquidStream and VerifyFake.

OC Shield began as a network security company providing encrypted connections to Enterprise and Consumers alike. Because of our in-depth experience in developing security consumer apps that are convenient and easy to use, OC Shield developed vertically to build Enterprise level Security solutions both for the Cloud and on site. As our experience developed and informed our products and customers in 200 countries expanded our network reach, OC Shield developed solutions that are applicable for various networked applications. The problems that exist on a network are not unique but our solutions and services provide the basis for unique networked products from Security applications, to Optimized Internet Transit and Routing, to IPTV devices.

OC Shield in the News

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    As a security product we like DataGard. Throw in the data-monitoring functions, and we are smitten. It’s a great concept executed well.

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    Nothing offers a completely watertight solution to cybercrime, but this improves security by leaps and bounds.

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    OC Shield DataGard is an all-in-one mobile internet security solution for smartphones, tablet and other mobile devices.